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What To Do If Your Child Chips, Loosens, or Loses a Tooth

What To Do If Your Child Chips, Loosens, or Loses a Tooth

Kids are pretty accident-prone. As their bodies grow and their minds get more curious, they can put themselves in all sorts of compromising positions. You’ve likely seen them take a tumble or two in the last week alone. 

Usually, it’s no big deal. But a little spill can become a big problem if your child knocks their mouth. If you notice that their tooth is chipped or loose — or has fallen out altogether — you’ll want to know how to help them.

That’s where we come in. Here at Happy Teeth Children’s Dentistry in Riverside, California, Irene Zaki, DDS, offers emergency dentistry for moments just like these. With a same-day appointment, your child can get the dental attention they need to keep them comfortable and protect their oral health-long term.  

To help you navigate the situation as a whole, let’s look at it step by step.

#1: The accident happens

In most cases, your child will alert you to the problem by crying and telling you they hit their mouth. Help them calm down before you do anything else. And don’t panic. This is a relatively routine situation. Roughly half of all kids will deal with a tooth injury at some point during their childhood. 

If your child is still in pain, give them a cold compress to hold to their face. 

Once your child is settled, help them rinse their mouth with warm water, then check their teeth. With a visual inspection, you should be able to spot any cracked or chipped teeth. Loose teeth can be harder to spot. Ask your child if any teeth feel loose, and use your finger to feel for wiggly teeth. 

#2: Locate any missing teeth or pieces

Next, make sure your child can breathe okay. If they chipped the tooth or lost it altogether, they may have swallowed it. If so, it should pass through their system without a problem, but the tooth could get lodged in the airway. If they’re having difficulty breathing, take them to the emergency room.

If they’re breathing normally, your next step is to locate the missing teeth or fragments. If you find them, put them in a container with milk or your saliva. 

If you can’t find what’s been lost, that’s okay; Dr. Zaki can discuss restoration options with you. 

#3: Call us

Once you’re sure your child is okay, it’s time to loop us in. Call our office at (951) 944-0653 to schedule your emergency dentistry appointment. We work to get your child into Dr. Zaki that day. 

Here at our office, Dr. Zaki helps you accomplish two major goals. First, if your child is in pain — say, from a cracked tooth — she works to get them comfortable. 

Secondly, she develops a treatment plan to protect their oral health long-term. If they lost the tooth altogether, for example, your child might need a space maintainer to ensure there’s room for their adult tooth to grow in when the time comes. If the tooth is broken, she might recommend a pediatric crown to protect it. 

Whenever your child needs quick care for their mouth, call our office or schedule an appointment with us online today.

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