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Sedation & Nitrous Oxide


Understanding sedation for your child's safety

We know that a lot of children fear dentists. That's why we employ gentle sedation, which is the use of medication to keep your child calm during the procedure, but not entirely asleep. Sedation is certainly not always necessary, but we do recommend it in some cases specifically for longer procedures, like when children have a heightened fear of dentistry and for children who have special needs.

Other types of sedation:

- Oral sedation which is a mild to moderate type of sedation. The child will be still conscious but more relaxed & loopy.

-I. V. sedation: this is a type of deep sedation that is administered & monitored by an anesthesiologist while Dr. Zaki is performing the dental work. Your child will be asleep the whole time. This type of sedation is recommended for very fearful & uncooperative or special needs children.

Your dentist will discuss the different types of sedation which maybe necessary to get the dental treatment done & help ease your child's fear.


Why we use nitrous oxide to sedate your child during a dental process

Nitrous Oxide (or “laughing gas”) is a mild, very safe sedative used to help your child remain relaxed during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is administered before the procedure via a “space mask” which carries oxygen mixed with the medication.