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Silver Diamine Fluoride Specialist

Irene Zaki, DDS -  - General Dentist

Happy Teeth Children's Dentistry

Irene Zaki, DDS

General Dentist & Pediatric Dentist located in Riverside, CA

Tooth decay is common, affecting just over 43% of children ages 2-19 in the United States. If your child has a cavity, experienced dentist Irene Zaki, DDS, and her expert team at Happy Teeth Children's Dentistry in Riverside, California, offer noninvasive silver diamine fluoride (SDF) treatments to restore your child’s tooth and prevent future decay. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online at the first sign of a cavity.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Q&A

What is SDF?

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is an antimicrobial liquid Dr. Zaki and her team use to reduce tooth sensitivity and prevent cavities in children from forming, growing, and spreading. SDF is made of water, fluoride, silver, and other materials that maximize its effects on tooth decay. SDF treatment may not eliminate the need for fillings or crowns.

What are the benefits of SDF?

Some of the numerous benefits associated with SDF for cavity treatment in children include:

  • Diminished cavity progression
  • Reductions in bacteria
  • Prevention of bacteria spreading
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity
  • No drilling
  • Cavity prevention

SDF is noninvasive, fast, and often more comfortable than drilling cavities, which is helpful for children with dental anxiety or special needs.

What are the signs of a cavity?

Know what to watch for with cavity development to determine when to seek prompt dental treatment. Signs your child may have tooth decay include:

  • Tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Discoloration
  • Holes or pits in their teeth

At the first sign of a cavity, see the team at Happy Teeth Children’s Dentistry for an evaluation.

Is SDF the right treatment for my child?

To find out if your child has tooth decay or determine its severity, Dr. Zaki and her team review their dental history and examine their teeth and gums. They also use dental X-rays to find out if SDF and additional tooth decay treatments, such as fillings or crowns, work best.

What happens during SDF application?

The first step during SDF application is preparing your child’s tooth. Dr. Zaki and her team place gauze near the affected tooth and remove moisture from its surface using special dental equipment. 

She applies SDF to your child’s teeth in areas of decay. While silver diamine fluoride can discolor the decayed portion of teeth, Dr. Zaki covers the treated area with filling materials or a crown to optimize tooth function and aesthetics.

What should I expect after SDF treatment?

There’s no downtime after SDF treatment at Happy Teeth Children’s Dentistry, so your child can resume their normal routine immediately. Dr. Zaki might reapply SDF about every 6-12 months to maximize cavity prevention.

Help your child care for their teeth at home by encouraging them to brush and floss daily, limiting sugary drinks and sweets, and seeing the Happy Teeth Children’s Dentistry team every 3-6 months for professional cleanings and exams.

At the first sign of tooth decay or sensitivity, schedule an appointment with the Happy Teeth Children’s Dentistry team by phone or online to find out if SDF is right for your child.